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mixergyNOTES Is Here!

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

mixergyNOTES is the place for all entrepreneurs to be, whether you’re a ‘Fortune 500′ leader or you run a ‘mom and pop’ shop. Definitely, if you are working a job and plan on branching out on your own, but even if your plans are to stay and build with that company. This is the place for you.

Here we take in-depth notes from the interviews of top entrepreneurs and business leaders, and post them here for your benefit. Especially if you’re the type who’s too busy running your company and don’t have the time to watch entire interviews. We watch them multiple times and give you everything that you need to know from these top entrepreneurs. You will learn from their stories while you begin to create your own. Topics include: their beginnings, their successes, their failures, risks they’ve took, mistakes they’ve made, lessons they’ve learned, profits they’ve seen, so on and so on.

Just remember, you have the right to win just as much as anyone else.