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Todd Garland – BuySellAds

Todd Garland is the founder of BuySellAds.com. He created a website that revolutionized online advertising by helping publishers make money and helping advertisers create killer campaigns!

Find out how.

About Todd

  • 28 years old, lives in Boston, MA
  • He has been building websites for ten years
  • Was the designer/front-end engineer/SEO guru at HubSpot


  • BuySellAds.com allows advertisers to sell their ads and publishers to purchase them to monetize websites
  • Todd started BSA (BuySellAds.com) because he was frustrated with the way the ad system was at that time
  • With BSA he was solving a frustration that he experienced both as an advertiser and a publisher
  • He was operating two hobby websites (csselite.com and 13styles.com) and selling ads directly to advertisers
  • Also purchased ads to help grow and promote those sites
  • BSA was funded entirely with personal funds

Value of BSA to Advertisers

  • A simple system, fixed 30-day rates on a subscription basis
  • Trust. Always reliable
  • Users can manage all of their ads in one central location
  • New sites that are worth advertising on are always coming into the marketplace and they’re always recruiting new publishers
  • Know the inventory. Can make honest recommendations vs. just trying to spend their money

Value of BSA to Publishers

  • Automated. Install the ad code and you’re up and running, it takes only a few minutes
  • Ad code is unobstructive, flexible and won’t plaster their brand all over your site
  • Helps publishers find advertisers
  • Always willing to help and give advice on pricing, placement, etc.
  • Highest payout of any network on the planet. Pay at 75% which is unheard of and includes credit card processing fees, publisher payout fees, serving fees and support for the publisher and their advertisers, etc.

Future of BSA

  • Introducing some new types of ads
  • Creating a couple new websites to help website owners and content producers monetize


  • Biggest challenge was mental, staying positive and realizing potential

Tips for Monetizing Your Website

  • Build something useful
  • Don’t put any ads on your site until you’ve got some real traffic
  • Don’t use AdSense or any ad network. Chances are that these ads won’t be well targeted. Untargeted ads don’t help you; they’re going to cost you more money than they will make you
  • Build a great site with useful content/tools and once you have built up some credibility then put ads on your site

How to Successfully Sell Advertising Spots

  • The most important point is to have your ads priced appropriately
  • Continue to write good content that drives people to your site
  • You want to build up defensible traffic that produces good results for your advertisers that keeps them advertising with you month after month

Advice to the Young Entrepreneur

  • If you have the skills to get something out there and working then get it done, lauch and see what happens. Don’t wait
  • If you don’t have the skills to get it done yourself, then find someone to team up with that can help you realize your idea
  • There is nothing better than getting your idea/product out there and in front of potential customers and then continuosly iterating on your idea is key

Recommended Reading

  • Taking the Leap: Dont Just Be A Wannabepreneur
  • Founders At Work by Jessica Livingston
  • The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki
  • Dharmesh Shah’s blog on OnStartUps.com

Connect with Todd

  1. Mary
    March 16, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    I wonder how much he’s worth. This is good information! Thanks guys

  2. Bobby
    March 30, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    Reading this just gave me a lightbulb moment.

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