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*Bonus Notes w/ Ryan Allis*

These bonus notes are where Ryan Allis explains how he is a Social Entrepreneur, and why making a social impact is important. He also gives some bonus tips on email marketing.


Feelings On Social Impact

  • Ryan feels the purpose of life is to help others and to be happy
  • he feels the purpose of business is to create positive value for society
  • he believes in doing well and doing good at the same time
  • he thinks companies should give back as they grow, not after

iContact’s Social Impact

  • iContact has a triple bottom line: financial, social and environmental
  • they gave $110,000 to 501(c)(3), non-profits
  • employees get paid 2.5 days off a year to go and do community service
  • they take out 1% equity for the iContact foundation
  • they give away 1% of their product to non-profits in North Carolina
  • their products also help small businesses grow

Investing In The Developing World

  • Ryan wears a white wristband that represents a global movement to end poverty in the developing world (“make poverty history”)
  • in order to get sustainable growth countries need entrepreneurs to build companies that employ people that will pay tax revenues to a government
  • then the government would be held accountable, and the citizens can stay informed and become educated
  • this will create a long-term economic growth cycle

*BONUS* Email Marketing Tips

  • have an email sign up form on your home page, right above the fold
  • collect email addresses from the people who want to hear from you as frequently and often as possible (trade shows, point of sale, etc.)
  • figure out how to email address for prospects; have a reason for people to sign up with their email
  • let them know that it’s not an average news letter; that it’s worth their time and risk
  • when you collect all these emails, sync them into a contact list
  • send a news letter that provides quality content; be certain that it’s what you said you’d send
  • keep the email short, and link back to the full article on your site
  • send out coupons and discounts
  • test out different times and days
  • you need links for every 50 words (if not every 25)
  • in your email, drive people toward a call to action, be very clear about what you want people to do
  • frequency of emails varies, but once or twice a month works for most

From Ryan Allis

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