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Sachin Agarwal – Posterous

Sachin Agarwal is the co-founder of Posterous, the dead simple place to post everything. All you have to do is email it.

Here are the notes.


  • Posterous is the dead simple way to post anything online
  • you can post photos, videos, audio, etc. simply by sending an email and it creates a website for you

Business Model

  • Posterous is free right now but a paid version with extra features is in the works
  • they launched free because they realized they were in a competitive space and by being free they were able to reach a bigger audience


  • Posterous grew from word of mouth and people looking at their friend’s posts and seeing that it was on Posterous made them want an account
  • your new posts can go to many different networking sites of your choosing
  • a new feature is that now you can send a new post to all of your email contacts

Y Combinator

  • Posterous is a Y Combinator backed company
  • Y Combinator is a seed venture firm and program, founded by Paul Graham, that helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their startups in return for equity

Getting Into Y Combinator

  • 1st step is to apply and exhibit your technical background; you don’t presently need an idea
  • next is, if they like your application, they give you 2 weeks to build a prototype to present at an in-person interview
  • if they like you and your team, and sense that you all are competent, then you’re in

Why Y Combinator

  • Y Combinator’s Alumni Network: a network of previous and current Y Combinator companies that includes 170+ startups and 300+ founders, to help startups as advisors and with introductions to other advisors, speakers, and mentors; you can bounce ideas off other founders in the network and get valuable feedback
  • instant credibility: everybody respects Y Combinator backed companies
  • structure: Y Combinator helps you provide structure to your startup
  • presenting the product: Y Combinator has you get your first iteration out quickly and in front of 200+ potential investors
  • market positioning: the founder of Y Combinator has many connections, he can call up any of the large blogs, like TechCrunch, and get the startup featured
  • accountability: Y Combinator keeps you accountable and steadily progressing; 3 months after your product launches they do a Demo Day throughout the network to get you feedback
  • rave reviews: 10/10 founders they contacted about Y Combinator gave positive reviews

Working With Y Combinator

  • Paul Graham is very beneficial to them
  • he helped them build their home page to where the explanation is dead on
  • he helped them effectively get the message across to people what they were in the process of building

Side Notes

  • after they launched on TechCrunch, they got 15-20,000 users instantly
  • Sachin feels that Posterous is the highest quality product out in their market right now
  • Guy Kawasaki has a customized Posterous page: holykaw.com

Connect With Sachin

  1. Johnny Meeks
    March 30, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Almost identical to etacts, but you guys have gotten better though.

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