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Mark Magnacca – So What

Mark Magnacca is a recognized business building coach, keynote speaker and author of “So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience” and “The Product is You.”

Here are the notes.

So What

  1. For What? – what is the reason that you are communicating?
  2. So What? – why should I care?
  3. Now What? – what is the call to action?

So What” Websites

  • websites need to make clear the benefit of their site and what differentiates it from other sites at the beginning
  • you need to know, understand, and serve your ideal target market by creating something that the target market wants, not what you like
  • most websites fall short because they fail to produce a personal connection with their users
  • some websites need biographies and narratives of the key individuals of the company

So What” Biographies

  • biographies need to be a brief overview of who you are, what makes you unique & what you can do for you users
  • they need to show competence, character, and common ground
  • competence: your background, industry experience, and credentials
  • character: you reputation and your ability to deliver on your word
  • common ground: your education, family, hobbies, fraternal organizations, etc.

Case Study #1 (So What)

  • someone, who heard one of Mark’s previous interviews, contacted him and pitched Mark his business ideas on the So What format
  • Mark was so impressed that he hired him, and he has been working for Mark ever since

Case Study #2 (Marketing)

  • instead of describing the iPhone as a 60GB hardware that allows you to carry mp3’s, Apple said the iPhone is a device that lets you carry 1,000 songs in your pocket
  • Apple’s iPhone market connects with 1,000 songs, not 60GB

Case Study #3 (Personalize)

  • Mark had his membership to Amazon canceled because he violated a policy that he didn’t know existed
  • he wrote them letting them know that he didn’t know about the policy, and he got an automated response saying that the investigation was closed, no reversing it
  • Mark then wrote to the founder of Amazon and explained the whole situation to him
  • Amazon then investigated and found that the policy wasn’t very visible
  • they apologized to him, refunded his money, and put back his membership


  • Your message needs to be what your target market needs to hear, not what sounds good to you.”
  • You are the biggest product your company sells.”
  • Users want to feel personalized when they spend money.”
  • You need a balance between doing research and listening to what your users say after you launch.”

The mind once expanded to the dimensions of a new idea can never return to its original size.” – Oliver Holmes

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So What

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