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AJ Vaynerchuck – VaynerMedia

AJ Vaynerchuk is the Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, a brand consulting agency with a focus on social media. VaynerMedia works with a diverse group of brands and has a focus Consumer Packaged Goods and sports, but it also works with start-ups and personal brands.

Here’s how he did it.


  • AJ Vaynerchuck is Gary Vaynerchuck’s younger brother by 11 years
  • they always knew they would start a business together, so they used AJ’s time in college to figure out which kind of business
  • PleaseDress.Me was just a side project
  • VaynerMedia is their main business mission; it’s a way for them to make an impact in social media on many different levels


  • VaynerMedia is a branding consulting agency, based in New York City, with a focus on social media
  • they work with a diverse group of brands; from consumer packaged goods companies to major sports leagues and teams (NHL, New York Jets, New Jersey Nets)
  • they help brands deliver their message through social media in order to connect with their customers and fans in a buzzworthy manner

Facebook & Twitter (Branding)

  • Facebook is the most mainstream social network
  • Facebook has the most flexibility, it allows you to be creative to where you can build application and have contests through your brand
  • Twitter can be used to engage your customers and fans; it allows you to listen and respond to feedback and not just broadcast
  • Twitter can be used as customer research and customer service

Hiring For Social Media

  • when giving someone social media duties, make sure your brand and your brand’s message is deeply ingrained into them
  • find people that truly embrace your brand’s passion and viewpoint and make them as efficient as possible

Branding Advice

  • Connect Web Presence: make sure you deliver the same message on every platform (print, internet, radio, television, etc.)
  • Logo Is Not Enough: customize and design your brand’s pages everywhere it is displayed
  • Stay On Top Of Trends: rely on current events and understand your community; experiment with new networks as soon as they become available
  • Be Consistent: stay consistent with your engagement, content and networking
  • Publish Content Everyday (5 days a week minimum): in order to recapture and keep your present audience; this is how much a “superfan” wants to consume
  • Have Patience: patience allows you to be successful; sometimes it takes a single event, person, or article to really drive adoption
  • Let The Little Things Add Up: base hits turn into scores, just as home runs do

Next Thing We Can All Try

  • register on another social network, one that you don’t currently use, and take an hour hour to use and review it to see if it’s something you can us

Connect Wtih AJ

To learn more from AJ, see what he did with his company’s Facebook fan page.


  1. Fateem
    March 30, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I don’t really feel like he’s an expert. He comes across as just trying to make a buck.

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