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Tim Ferris – The 4-Hour Workweek

Tim Ferris is the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a book about working less and earning more. These notes are about the steps he took to promote his book and make it into a New York Times Best Seller.

Here are the notes.

First Steps

  • Tim reached out to certain authors and bloggers, the ones he respected, up to one year in advance of his book being published
  • he wasn’t promoting his book, he was interviewing them on the writing and marketing process
  • they pointed him toward the blogs and radio
  • he chose to focus on blogs because he felt radio was losing its influence

Meeting Bloggers

  • Tim feels meeting bloggers in person is the least crowded channel
  • he started to attend tech events that he new the high-profile bloggers would also attend
  • he often met the high-profile bloggers by referrals, simply by asking the event organizer who should he meet, and then asking that person too
  • when he met the bloggers, he didn’t pitch anything, he only asked questions; that got them interested in him

Types Of Bloggers (Thought Leaders & Traffic Leaders)

  • thought leaders: don’t always have high traffic, but they have an important message and are well read by the traffic leaders
  • traffic leaders: have high traffic blogs, and they read the blogs of the thought leaders
  • to get thought/traffic leaders to blog about you, you need to be interesting to what’s specific to their audience

Separating Himself From The Pack

  • instead of crowding the person he wanted to meet like everyone else, Tim socialized with that person’s friends and co-workers
  • this led to him having a messenger to introduce him to the person he was interested in meeting
  • after events, he waited a week to send an email and not the next day like everyone else
  • he came across as just wanting to learn from them, not wanting them to do something for him


  • The most crowded channel to meet a high-profile blogger is by email; the least crowded is in person.”
  • The best way to be interesting to bloggers is by being interested in them and their audience, but not a suck up.”
  • Navigate conversations to where you don’t come across as a sales person; give less information and let them ask you for it.”
  • Be serious about your blog, a half-assed blog is a liability.”
  • Find the top people in the area that you’re trying to go.”

Side Notes

  • on blogs, Tim always provided original content of his book’s concept but he never mentioned his book
  • he knew that if people searched his name that either his website (with his book on it) or his book’s amazon page would come up

Connect With Tim

The 4-Hour Workweek

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