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Daniel Delaney – VendrTV

Daniel Delaney is the Host and Executive Producer of VendrTV, a podcast covering the best of the best curbside cuisine the the world has to offer. He’s a foodie who first fell in love with street food while doing his undergraduate thesis at The University of the Arts.

Here are the notes.


  • Daniel has a degree in fine arts
  • he has studied multimedia

Light Bulb Moment

  • Daniel first got this idea in college while writing a paper on street vending and design
  • he has a great love for food, but growing up he only got a chance to eat Italian food
  • in college a friend exposed him to a different type of food and he has been consuming different foods ever since
  • he started VendrTV to support his entrepreneurial side, to feed his passion for food, and to use his knowledge of design, multimedia, and technology


  • it is a weekly podcast about the nation’s best street vendors
  • Daniel goes city to city meeting with street vendors who have delicious food
  • in each city, he samples the food and gets a feel for the city
  • the episodes are 5 minutes long; airing on their website every Wednesday

The Launch

  • Daniel initially tried to include some of his friends into the project but they weren’t passionate about it
  • he kept cutting and dropping employees who didn’t add much value
  • since things were moving slow, he set a target launch date and contacted all food blogs and let them know about the show and the launch date
  • VendrTV launched 3 minutes past deadline, but setting a launch date was the main factor that led to a launch

Changes Since Launch

  • on Day 1, there were 7 people working on the show: 2 cameramen, a sound guy, a production assistant, someone to make motion graphics, his webmaster, and him
  • now there are only 3 people: Daniel, his cameraman, and occasionally his webmaster
  • the show is steadily improving; constant refining
  • he implements things to make the show more personal and less formal, in order to gain a following: tighter shots, show bloopers in some episodes

What Makes His Shows Good

  • Daniel focuses on creating something that he would want to watch
  • he breaks down his analytics to measure rising/decreasing interest
  • picking the right music is the foundation of the show, and also choosing the right shots to define the baseline

Business Model

  • VendrTV makes money from advertisements


  • Daniel started his show just using Vimeo
  • soon after, the CEO of Blip.tv contacted him and wanted the show on their
  • Daniel used Blip.tv for the next 4 months, and then other networks started requesting and he used them all
  • Daniel realized it was important to be in every place, and more convenient for viewers


  • maybe for VendrTV to become international


  • It’s important to set a deadline for yourself because it will get you to act.”
  • You can now produce TV quality content on the cheap, it’s all about effort.”
  • Content is king, but it’s also the platform in how you wish to display it.”
  • The only thing stopping you is you”
  • Think hard and study; study the people who are successful at doing what you want to do.”
  • Start today at whatever level you can start at, but make it exceptional at that level.”
  • Understand constraints and make them work to the best of your ability.”

Side Notes

  • Daniel spends 130 hours a week working on VendrTV
  • someone Daniel had helping him with promotion missed an email requesting VendrTV to be featured on the first page of The Wall Street Journal
  • VendrTV was featured on CBS News
  • Daniel coined the term “cartivore,” anybody who either watches their show or loves street food
  • Daniel’s in the process of writing a book about the best street food in the country

Connect With Daniel


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